Our activities

Solpro offers many repairs on furniture.
These activities include:

Upholstery work:
  • Replacement of covers
  • Sewing of leather or fabric
  • Making loose leather tight
  • Repairing seams and topstitching
Leather repair damage:
  • Repairing scratches
  • Repairing tears
  • Repairing grazes
  • Filling open scars
Wood damage repair:
  • Repairing scratches
  • Repairing grazes
  • Adjusting doors and tables
  • Filling cracks
Repairs to the frame:
  • Replacing or strengthening of the wooden frame
  • Replacement or repair of a metal construction
  • Replace or repair mechanisms
  • Replacement or repair of armrest and headrest hinges
  • Solving annoying noises
Repairs to the seat comfort
  • Making seats, backs and armrests firmer
  • Replacing foam of seats, backs and armrests
  • Producing new of foam cushions

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